Market Intelligence

GRFI Capabilities and Strengths
Proprietary data
Framework: Healthcare Authorities
National Healthcare Programs
Thought leaders
Competitive analysis / strategy
Market Research

Facts and result
Pharmaceutical products successfully introduced, positioned and developed
Track record: over 100 products introduced and marketed in Romania by GRFI

 New Product Introduction Strategy

GRFI Capabilities and Strengths
Dynamic strategy design
Communication and promotional materials
Gradual awareness building
Legal requirements
Partnership and participation with thought leaders

Facts and results
Introducing over 100 new products in the Romanian market
Rolling strategies for each drug
Experience in 12 therapeutic areas

Regulatory and Pricing

GRFI Capabilities and Strengths
Experience in file submission and updating
Familiarity with regulatory / pricing practice
Adaptation of EMEA, FDA documentation
Good working relation with regulatory bodies
Cost / benefit studies, co-operation with CROs

Facts and results
Over 100 new pharmaceutical products registered
Pricing for all products introduced in 12 therapeutic areas
Obtaining positive results for over 200 regulatory requirements submitted to the National Medicine Agency (products, variations, strengths, pharmaceutical forms)

Promotion and Branding

GRFI Capabilities and Strengths
Positioned in prescriber’s mind
Proven practice in branding
Event management
All medical representatives are MDs
Full territorial coverage
Visibility at patient level
Work with patient associations

Facts and results
Products introduced into the National Healthcare Programs, obtaining gratuitousness or high compensation status
Large number of national / regional events organized
Ongoing monitoring of prescription profiles
Obtained product recommendations from medical societies
Immunomodulators, Anti-infectives (including Antibiotics and HIV treatments), Anesthetics and Nutritional Products launched from zero to market leaders

Logistics and Distribution

GRFI Capabilities and Strengths
Product import
Warehousing inventory management
Consignment stock management
Patient support

Facts and results
Performing all activities from customs formalities up to end-users / warehouse
Million dollars annual sales level
Patient support (monitoring, investigations, consulting) for the sensitive products